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The website resources listed below provide students opportunities to learn more about the CUNY ASSESSMENT TESTS and many other academic subjects. Click on the subject of interest to gather more information.
Exam Preparation
  • Grammar Sites
    • Purdue On-line Writing Lab : One of the most comprehensive on-line writing labs. Nicely organized by topics with printable handouts on the writing process, grammar and mechanics. Some online grammar and punctuation exercises.
    • CUNY WriteSite : Good for general and specialized writing and grammar. Gives explanations and interactive exercises. Resources also for teachers and tutors.
    • Richmond : Good explanations for the writing process, especially for getting started and writing in different disciplines.
    • Powa : This site will take you step-by-step through the writing process with activities to enhance comprehension.
    • Grammar Slammer:  Short definitions and examples of grammar points and confusing word pairs.
    • Commnet: Very didactic with good explanations and exercises.
    • Bartleby: A classic in style.  Brief explanation of some key topics.
    • Scribendi: About common grammatical errors. Thank you to Mrs. Vicker's and her class!
  • ESL Sites
    • Guide to Grammar and Style: Alphabetically ordered, quick reference guide.  Well written with a sense of humor.
    • Grammar Instruction with Attitude: Excellent site.  Explanations of various grammatical terms and constructions; interactive exercises for key grammar issues; and lots of humor included!
    • ESL Resource Center: Exercises in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, spelling (with audio) and pronunciation.  Links to news, sports, etc.
Liberal Arts Resources
Science Resources
Computer Literacy