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Dear Prospective Tutor:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Hostos Academic Learning Center (HALC).

As an important member of the HALC, your expertise and knowledge are valuable and integral to the success of our students. To better assist you in understanding your role as a tutor and to enhance your career opportunities at the HALC, I encourage you to read the information provided below.

I hope you find it informative and useful. I am looking forward to a successful academic year.


Isabel Li, Director
Hiring of Tutors:
Beginning Fall 2004, tutors will be selected based on specific qualifications. Current or recent college students must meet the following criteria:
  • Grade of B+ or better in the course(s) they are interested in tutoring.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Passing scores in the CUNY writing, reading and math tests
  • Applicant interested in tutoring math must pass the departmental math test.
  • Applicants must also submit a resume, 2 academic letters of recommendation and transcript(s).
Applicants who are not attending college must submit their resumes reflecting prior experience in tutoring, teaching or a related area and their transcript(s) indicating highest degree achieved.
Submitting Applications
Applicants who meet these requirements are invited to submit a cover letter, resume, and transcript(s) to be considered for a tutoring position. Applicants should await to be informed of the status of their applications in writing. All applications are collected by the HALC secretary who will then create individual files for all applicants. Completed applications are then forwarded to the HALC staff members for review and consideration for interviews.
Applicants will be invited for interviews based on tutorial need in the subject(s) area. Interviews will be conducted by full-time HALC staff members. At the interview, successful candidates will receive information about the mission of the HALC, tutors responsibilities and schedule. Consideration will be given to those applicants who meet the following categories:
  • Understanding and knowledge of academic skills;
  • Related prior experience
  • Interpersonal skills
Applicants who meet these specific requirements are then selected and recommended to the Director of the HALC.
Hiring Decisions
The HALC Director will review all submitted recommendations and will make all final hiring decisions. Applicants who are selected will be contacted and referred to the Human Resources office to complete their hiring packages. Applicants who are not considered for hiring will be notified in writing.
Tutor Training
Tutor training is an essential part of professional development at the HALC. Tutors have the opportunity to participate in on-going training sessions to enhance their skills and to learn new strategies and approaches to learning.
Tutoring Sessions and Logs
All tutoring sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. Tutors must inform students of this policy during their first session. Tutors are required to keep records of their sessions with students by completing TUTORING LOGS for each student they assist. Tutoring Logs are part of the tutorials sessions and must be completed within that time frame. Tutors will have 10 minutes at the end of each session to complete these logs. To allow sufficient time to complete logs, tutoring sessions must begin and end on time. All completed logs must be placed in students files for future sessions. Tutoring Logs are very important to determine student’s progress in the subject(s) they are studying as well as for communicating with professors. Tutors are to use these Logs as a tool to assess student learning abilities and progress to determine subsequent sessions. All Logs must clearly reflect topics covered during the session, strategies used to best help students, and plans for later sessions. A copy of the log will be sent to the professor who referred the student to the HALC.
Evaluation Forms
Tutors are responsible for distributing and ensuring that students fill out evaluation forms for each session they attend. At the end of the day, tutors are to submit all evaluation forms to room C-596.
Observations and Evaluations
All tutors will be observed by HALC staff and will also be evaluated by students each semester.
Time Cards/Sheets
To ensure payment, tutors must both swipe their time cards in and out and sign-in and out with the HALC secretary. To avoid deductions from payment, tutors must swipe their cards on time.
Tutors are required to be present at all times unless prior arrangements have been made. Tutors are to notify the HALC Director and Secretary of any changes in their schedule. Excessive absences may result in either decrease in scheduled hours or termination of assignment.
Tutors who accept employment at the HALC understand our mission and agree to the following:
  • I understand that I must receive approval from the Director of the HALC and complete the hiring process to begin working.
  • I will meet with my tutee at the specified dates and times. I will notify the HALC secretary and my tutee in advance if I am unable to keep an appointment.
  • I will begin and end on time so that I am able to complete my tutee Logs. I will use the Logs to provide feedback regarding my tutee's progress and to plan future sessions.
  • I will maintain confidentiality at all times. I will only discuss student's performance with either the student's instructor, the HALC Director or HALC Coordinators.
  • I will refer any student who is having a problem (other than course related) to the HALC Coordinators.
  • I will inform the HALC Coordinators if my tutee has excessive absences.
  • I will not eat, drink or use my cell phone during tutorial sessions.
  • I will wear the HALC Tutor ID at all times I am scheduled for tutoring.
  • I will make every effort to attend all meetings scheduled for the semester.
  • I will attend tutoring training sessions as required.
  • I will swipe my time card in and out and will also sign-in and out with the HALC secretary.
  • I will provide my phone number and electronic mail address.
Revised 10/2014
Isabel Li
Director of Academic Learning Resources