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The Connected Life of an Hostos Student

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Hostos Email

Hostos Community College has established email accounts for all active students. The form above is used to search for your email address. Your default password is your initials followed by birth month and birth year in the following format:<first letter of first name (lower case)><first letter of last name (upper case or capitalized)>mmyyyy. Ex: John Doe born in January 2006 has default password jD012006. Once you have retrieved your email address, you can log on to your email from or by clicking on the Webmail link at the top of the Login To menu for students of our home page. If you have any problems, you need to visit the Student Help Desk in the Computer Open Lab in room C-595 (click here for hours of operation) or call the Student Help Desk at 718-518-6622.

For easier access to your Hostos email, you can add your Hostos student email to your mobile phone

By registering with Hostos SSO Single Sign On (SSO) - Hostos Community College ( , you will be able reset your own password and unlock your account. Once you complete the SSO setup, you can quickly access other Hostos and CUNY Applications that are available via the Single Sign-On portal.

Students are encouraged to use ONLY their Hostos email accounts to support their educational activities, communicate with instructors, mentors, classmates, and various administrative offices. Each student is responsible for the proper use of the account and any activity conducted with it. Pease read the "CUNY Computer User Policy" at:

Hostos Wireless Network

The Hostos campus has wireless access throughout. If you have a wireless capable device, you can connect to the Internet via the Hostos_Wireless network using your Hostos usernname and password.

Educational Technology

Many professors use an online learning system, called Blackboard, for their classes. Once you have a CUNYfirst username and password, you can access Blackboard directly through a link in the Hostos or CUNY webpage, and all your courses which are using Blackboard should show up automatically. Just follow the instructions. If you need some "hands-on" support with this process, you can go to the Student Help Desk in the C-595 lab.

CUNYfirst Username and Password

Your CUNYfirst password expires every three months.

Logging into CUNYfirst will allow you to see your grades, sign up for classes, and see all your financial information. It also lets you sign up for CUNY Alert (see the next topic below titled CUNY Alert).

Use your CUNYfirst username and Password to access Blackboard. When you click on any link to Blackboard, it will take you to the Blackboard login page (ex: Select Login To from the top menu in the Hostos website and select Blackboard under the Students section). Type in your CUNYfirst Username followed by, then your CUNYfirst Password in the Password field. For example, if your CUNYfirst Username is John.Doe22 the Username you enter to login to Blackboard must be The Username field is already populated with the

Similarly, you can also access the Hostos Bookstore with these login credentials.

CUNY Alert

CUNY Alert is a new emergency notification system that enables the University’s campuses to advise students, faculty and staff of an emergency (a severe hurricane or security situation, for example) and provide timely information to protect lives and minimize campus disruption. Sign up for this free service at

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